Since fingernails are made from multiple layers called “keratin”, smooth, hard and dent-free nails are a reflection of good health. Healthy strong nails also compliments the beauty of your hand. When it comes to making your nails grow faster & strong, it is a multiple step process that initiates from stopping one from their bad nail habits.

Willing to grow your nails healthy and strong? Undoubtedly, there are no scientifically proven methods. This is why a majority chooses different grooming techniques and home remedies to help themselves grow their nails faster and strong.

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Some effective tips and tricks to grow nails faster and strong;

  • Proper nutrition

Whether it’s your nail, hair or any other part of the body, everything has a direct connection with what nutrition you intake. This means your health matters the most.  As your nails are made up of protein, maintaining them as healthy requires proper intake of foods- rich in protein. These include; meat, beans, eggs, etc. Protein shakes are also a recommendation.  

  • Biotin intake

One of the type of B vitamin- biotin is a supplement that acts as a perfect home remedy to improve the strength of nails as well as hair by turning food into energy. This vitamin is found in cooked eggs, nuts, whole grains, mushrooms, bananas, soy beans, etc.

“According to the latest research, consumption of 2.5 milligrams of biotin regularly can help your nails grow faster and strong within few weeks”

  • Vitamin B9 intake

Consumption of folic acid can help prevent the damage to the nerve cells. It helps in maintaining red blood cells healthy. This vitamin supplement is one of the best when it comes to growing nails faster. It is commonly found in red meat, cheese and other fortified soy products.

  • Vitamin A and C

Where vitamin A strengthens the nails, vitamin C helps promote it’s growth by improving the overall immune system. Products that are rich in vitamin A includes; leafy green vegies, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. Products that are rich in vitamin C includes; strawberries, bell peppers, oranges, etc. 

  • Proper nail grooming

Just like the other parts of your body requires extra care, your nails will also demand proper grooming to grow faster and strong. Perfect nail care routine is a need of your nail and to help them growing, following tips are to be opted;

  • Proper manicure

Some of us take it quiet lightly, but manicuring of nails is actually a need. If you are among those willing to grow your nails faster and strong, maintaining a perfect shape and taking care of the base is a key. Filing of nails in a shape promotes it’s growth. For example round-shaped nails grow quicker than the square shape.

  • Cuticle care

Cuticle care plays a vital role in promoting the growth of your nails. In order to lose your cuticles, soak your nails in warm water and apply cuticle remover on your nail. To remove the dead skin, use a cuticle stick and push. Follow this cuticle care 4 times a week. *Ensure that you keep your cuticles moisturized.

  • Nail strengthening treatments

Follow some nail strengthening treatments to make your nails grow faster and strong. Since a lot of them are available in the market, you will have to make a choice as per your budget. Though some of the serums you find are expensive, they do offer the best results. Application of intensive protein treatment in form of a cream works perfect if applied in the morning and at night. Choose strengthening polish to prevent your nails from chipping.    


All of your body parts deserves to be complimented. Whether they are your hands, nails or cuticles, these will always be considered as an addition to the beauty you carry. Some of the other trusted home remedies to make nails grow faster and strong includes; application of garlic paste twice a week to strengthen them, avoid washing dishes as these weakens the nails and affects it’s growth and moisturize them with olive oil to help them stay moisturized as dull and dry nails are prone to damage. 

Want to share how you chose to have healthy nails? Feel free to share your nail story in the comment box below!