Eyes can be considered as one of the key features on your face. There is no doubt that every face is beautiful and so are the features, but flaws are also a part. None of us are similar and so are our eyes. As big and bright eyes are a dream, it is true that not everyone is born with them.

Having big eyes means what?? You’d appear more youthful, healthy and awake.. In short extra-ordinarily beautiful.

Want to groom up yourself with some quick makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger? Below are 8 most magical tips that can help you make your small eyes look bigger.

8 tips to make your eyes look bigger

  • Shape your eyebrows

One of the secrets behind attractively appearing eyes is the eyebrows in perfect shape. Even if your eyes are small, praising your eyebrows in it’s natural shape can maximize the space. Hence, offering an illusion of a bigger looking eyes.

“Bold, thick and perfectly-shaped brows can bring attention to your eyes”

Choose to have natural-looking brows as these offers a more innocent look!

  • Say goodbye to dark circles

Covering the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer will definitely not make your eyes appear bigger, but draws attention of the one interacting with you. Use of illuminating concealers can color correct your blemishes and dark circles. All that one has to pay attention towards is using the concealer shade which is slightly lighter than the foundation you’ve chosen to apply. 

  • Say goodbye to under eye bags

Makeup is not every time the solution. If you are having puffiness, you’ll have to focus on how you can deal with it in the most protective manner. Keep in mind that the key to beautifully appearing attractive eyes is pampering it regularly. In order to deal with the puffiness or under eye bags, do the following;

  • Take proper sleep
  • Use cold water to wash off your face
  • Put cold teabags under your eyes to reduce puffiness
  • Take minimum salt
  • Regular exercise
  • Apply black liner on the upper water line

One of the steps that can be considered as vital when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. Undoubtedly the tightline with the use of black eye liner makes a lot of difference. It helps the eyes open up to the fullest and give volume to the eye lashes.

  • Light shade eye shadows

Use of light colors on the lid gives your eyes an appealing appearance and would be noticed by those you’ll interact. The best suggestion is to follow the contouring rules, i.e. application of lighter color shade for the area you want the light to reflect and darker shades that you want to push back. Shimmery shades are quiet in the fashion these days.

  • Curl your lashes

Eyelash curler is an effective tool, utilized with an aim to curl up the eyelash in order to offer the eyes a bigger look so that they appear youthful and attractive.

  • Nude effect with white kajal pencil

In order to achieve bigger eyes, load up the lower lash line with white color. The use of dark color may make the eyes appear smaller. Try to go nude for giving your eyes a bigger eye appearing look.

  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the under brow area

In order to reflect the smallest areas on the face, highlighting is a need as it compliment the entire feature. Highlighting the inner corner of the eye reflects light on the area, making the eye appear awake. In order to create a fresh and natural look, you can blend it simply.  

Since eyes are the first interactive area on the face and none of you would make yourself appear it as sleepy, there are some other tips to make your eyes look bigger.

  • Dark eyeshadows should not be a part of your makeup if your eyes are too small, instead go for soft brown shadow for creasing.
  • Overloading your small eyes with eyeliner will definitely not work if you want your eyes to appear bigger.
  • Use mascara for opening up the lashes so that it makes eyes appear bright and attractive.
  • Opt effective home remedies to get rid of puffiness.

Have some effective tips to share that can help make your eyes look bigger? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!