Since skin is one of the most common beauty concerns that makes us choose chemical-laden products and unnecessary treatments, it is crucial to protect it from looking older. Have you reached the age when you’ve started revealing signs of aging? If so, you’ve finally reached your destination to get younger looking skin.    

“Happy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind and a healthy body”

Tired of opting ways that wane away in a while? Temporary glow is no longer your need? Use some really effective and simple tips to grab younger looking skin enlisted as follows;

Healthy tips for younger looking skin

  • A balanced-diet

It is now a popular thing that a healthy diet plays a vital role in the glow of your skin. In order to glow naturally and get younger looking skin, eat healthy meal that comprises of omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Most commonly suggested foods include fresh fruits like watermelons, oranges, etc., vegetables and pulses.

  • Stress management

According to the Amy Wechsler- a dermatologist in New York, an individual looks bigger than his/her age due to the emotional upheavals as the constant anxiety enhances the stress hormone cortisol that ultimately causes inflammation. This further leads to facial redness and pimple flare-up. Hence, managing stress at every age is one of the effective tips to get younger looking skin.

*What to do? Meditate, relax yourself in whatever way you can and eat foods that are rich in antioxidant such as berries and oranges.

  • Intake vitamin C

For the formation of collagen, vitamin C is considered as an essential element if you desire to appear and get younger looking skin. Some of the great sources of vitamin C includes dark green leafy vegetables, red pepper, oranges, kiwi fruit, etc.

According to the research by the American journal of nutrition, a majority women over 40 years of age are less likely to develop wrinkles due to the intake of vitamin C.

  • Stop smoking right here

The collagen in your skin are badly damaged when you smoke as it develops enzymes with the name matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).

  • Skin care routine

Just like you set a timetable for the completion of your work, your skin also requires some extra- attention in a day in order to release all the dirt and dust it has received throughout the day. Your skin care routine should include a proper step by step care starting from cleansing that helps you get rid of gunk, followed by toning that helps in handling pores and finally moisturizing which gives back the skin its real texture.

  • Exfoliation twice a week

I wonder the benefits of exfoliation as part of my regular routine. Despite of using products with harsh chemicals for exfoliation, use simple and effective home remedies for the purpose.

*How to? Use yogurt, rosewater and oatmeal to exfoliate.

  • Makeup brushes to be taken care off

If you are among the ones going for regular makeups, ensure that the brushes you utilize are clean and give no space to the dirty sponges within your beauty box. The bacteria contained in the brushes may harm the skin and cause breakouts.

*How to clean brushes? For the purpose of cleaning your brushes, consume baby shampoo or conditioner.

Some recipes to get younger looking skin

In order to get healthy and younger looking skin even after 40s, try out following two recipes;

  • Yogurt at its best

Yogurt is popularly known as a gentle acidic food, assist one from losing the natural shine on the skin. Where on one hand, it assist in lightening the dark spots, on the other, it acts as a sunburn healer.

*How to apply? In a bowl, take 1tsp of yogurt and 1tsp of turmeric powder. Mix well and form a scrub.

*One another way of using yogurt is via preparation of skin lightening mask by adding 1tsp of lemon juice, 1tsp of honey and 1tsp of yogurt. Apply it on your face, let it dry and wash away to get perfect result.  

  • Honey

Equipped with antioxidant properties, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, honey have been a commonly used home remedy to get healthy and glowing skin. It plays it’s role in nurturing and nourishing the skin, eases inflammation and triggers cellular regeneration. In order to retain the essential skin hydration, the humectant property of honey works the best.

*How to apply? In a bowl add 1tsp of honey and 2tsp of crushed rock salt, mix and use it for the purpose of scrubbing your face.  

Want to share how you dealt with your aging signs? Feel free to share your tips to get younger looking skin in the comment box below!