Covering the tips of your fingers and toes, nails act a protective shield that further intensifies the sensation of fingertips. No matter to which category of girls you belong to, your appearance would always be your first impression towards the others. Where there are some girls who are blessed with perfect nails, some are required to make a little effort. Are you ready to spend your hours at salon and offering them a huge amount of money? If I were you, I would never prefer going to salon every week. Instead, I would have opted some useful and free nail care hacks at home.

Want to know about the secret behind those clean, elegant and satisfying nails? Below are some of the useful tips to get perfect nails for girls;

  • Clean nails are perfect nails

Cleaning of nails is the sole responsibility of the one who owns them. Nobody will ever come to you and ask you to clean your hands or nails until you hire someone for this purpose. Carrying clean nails is vital for the growth and strength of healthy nails.

*In order to clean your nail in the simplest manner, simply take a nail brush. Coat soap on your nails, rub with the brush and wash away. Moisturize them with any moisturizer to keep them healthy.    

  • Perfect nails are top coated

There are a large number of girls concerned about their beauty, but when it comes to taking care, nails are always ignored thinking as the smallest area never seen. Maybe they are still confused if their healthy nails will leave an impression. Of course it does. This is why application of the top coat can make nails appear shiny even if you are not willing to go for a colored-nail polish.

  • Perfect nails are filed properly

They says “first impression is the last impression”. Untidy nails will never make others recognize you as one of the clean souls on the earth. Hence, having nails in proper shape make others go curious about knowing your healthy nail habit. Whenever you cut off your nails in the desired size, file them in one direction so they grow with the similar shape. A rough nail file can also damage your nails. Hit the tips of your nails with no pressure to get perfect nails.

  • Perfect nails are not bitten

Having nail biting habit is the worst. It does not only allows the germs to enter your mouth thereby making you go ill, it also damages your nail beds significantly. Bitten nails seems uneven and reflects your untidy appearance towards the others.

  • Moisturize nails with cuticle oil

Sometimes it is the winter season and sometimes it is the dryness on your cuticles that destroys the nails. Application of cuticle oil over hands and nails make them flawless. As per the latest research, a beautician suggested jojoba oil for getting perfect nails in limited time. 

  • Perfect nails receives light buffing

Over buffing nails make them weak and thin. In order to prevent peeling things with your nails, buffing them lightly is a healthy activity for perfect nails. It further allows the nails to grow in their perfect shape. 

  • Perfect nails carry protective cuticles

Nail biting is one of the very common habits among the upcoming generation. Similarly, picking of cuticles can easily damage the nails that further results in improper growth of the nails. In order to be protective towards your cuticles, don’t just peel them. Instead allow them to stay moisturized and maintain good health of the nails.  

  • Perfect nails are covered by the gloves

Hot water contains drying feature. Doing the dishes under the hot water can really dry out the nails. If you are the one doing this home chore or any similar like washing the bathroom, ensure that your hands are covered with rubber gloves. Prior to dressing up your hands with gloves, make sure you mix oil and cream and apply it to your nails and fingers. Post to this small process, doing the dishes under hot water will be more like having a spa manicure.

Are you the one to make an effort for perfect nails? Naturally beautiful nails are indeed a blessing but taking care of them is what others consider as “admiring the blessing”. Applied the nail paint last night and it has left the stain? Use toothpaste whitener to remove rather than rushing to the salon or rubbing nail polish remover again and again. Home remedies are useful and effective, but one should never give it a try before carrying out proper research. Want to share any tested home remedy for getting perfect nails in few days? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!