The natural beauty of Russian women have said to stolen the sleep of a majority men across the globe. On the other hand, their flawless skin and impeccable style has given rise to jealousy among women since ages. Upon conducting a survey, it has been proved that a majority is still looking forward to discover and implement Russian women beauty tips and secrets in order to groom themselves and achieve the similar natural beauty.

“As per the latest research, Russian women are more beautiful in comparison to Americans and Asians and the key factor that helps them in maintaining their beauty and fitness is walk”

With a much more straightforward style, Russian women can always teach the best of styles. Looking forward to learn some beauty tips and secrets in order to expand your very own perspectives?

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  • A strong desire for beauty

As per one of the researches, the urge of being beautiful among Russian women is much higher than others across the globe. Even if one is not blessed with natural beauty, their desire of being beautiful amongst everyone helps them in making greater efforts.

“Russians are highly-passionate for looking beautiful. This passion seems to be in their blood”

  • Faithful to daily skin care routine

Despite the fact that Russian women choose to opt minimal beauty look, when it comes to a skincare routine, they are incredibly faithful. This is one of the built-in-beauty habits among Russians. Skincare tips from Russians include cleansing, application of mask, exfoliation, etc.

One of their secrets behind having a youthful and glowing skin is the slap on face lightly for a few times that further helps in making the skin appear healthier than expected.

  • Beauty treatments are easily adaptable

In comparison to Asian women, Russians tend to be stronger when it comes to going for any beauty treatments. This includes intake of direct deposit vitamins for hair growth, vitamin injections for penetration in the skin, etc. after having themselves checked from the skin specialist.    

  • Focused diet plan

The cold weather in Russia throughout the year makes the Russians follow a focused diet plan. Consuming green vegetables in different forms along with root vegetables helps in maintaining their glow despite the fact that it contains more calories. Working out on a regular basis helps in resolving the problem of daily intake of huge calories.

  • Fitness

Beauty does not come without one being fully fit. A perfect shape of the body with a beautiful and glowing face is a perfect combination. As per the latest researches, Russian women choose to opt ways that can help in staying fit. Such as, they prefer walking to the desired venue rather than taking a car or bus. Swimming and cycling are two popular activities that they enjoy and help themselves get banging bodies. 

  • Bright lipstick shades

In order to compliment their wonderful features, Russian women choose to wear bright lipstick colors that matches their glowing skin tone. “Red is their favorite for festives”. Due to the cold weather throughout the year, none of the women in Russia chooses to step out of their home without lipstick.

  • The desire for wearing heels

In order to make themselves appear elegant and classy with a trendy and fashionable outlook, Russian women chooses to wear high heels in metallic colors. This is due to the fact that it enhances their body beauties, making them appear more attractive.

  • Love for fragrances

For any Russian women, the love for fragrance is high. They believe in the fact that smelling good can help them in leaving a better impression towards the others. Women in Russia usually adore the light and fruity perfumes among the wide range of perfume collections within the country.

“Apply soft perfumes to enhance the charm and sensuality”

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