In the year 2019, the spread of coronaviruses has been affecting the people in Wuhan, China. Being transmitted through coughing or sneezing, this disease disperses the droplets of the body fluids. It spreads quickly, coming with the lower mortality rates.

“As per the Chinese health minister, the strain in people is infectious even when the people are not sick”

Ways to protect from coronaviruses

Since the inception of Wuhan coronaviruses in December 2019, there is not yet any vaccination introduced that can prevent the infection. Despite of this, there are numerous things one can do to protect oneself. One of the best ways is washing hands from time to time and being attentive when meeting people especially when getting into contact with the face of the person.

Following recommendations have been suggested by CDC to protect oneself from coronaviruses;

  • Rub your hands with the soap for at least 20 seconds and wash them with warm water. If the soap is not available, ensure making use of the alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Make sure that you do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth without having your hands properly washed.
  • During your time of illness even if it is cough or flu, stay at home.
  • Keep your mouth covered when you have cough. Clean it using the tissue and throw it away in the bin.
  • Make sure you clean the objects properly that are touched frequently.

“According to the researches, making purchase of the alcohol-based sanitizers can help in the protection as it reduces the number of microbes on the hand”

This new illness witnessed spreads over with the release of fluid droplets of mucus or saliva as these fall in the vicinity of people and can be inhaled directly or be transferred through hand touches. If someone near you is infected, it is better to maintain 6 feet distance. Below are the other protection measures that must be taken;

  • Hand wash- ensure washing your hand with runny water. Lather and scrub your hands from the backs, the center of the fingers, and also beneath the nails.
  • Make use of tissue to cover your face- when coughing or sneezing, ensure that you cover your face with the tissue and throw it away in the bin.
  • Wear face mask- this is a perfect way to block liquid droplets, but still contains some imperfection as this does not cover the eyes and also do not block the smaller aerosol particles.
  • Medicate quickly- during the travel if you have cough or you find any breathing problem, choose to get yourself medicated earlier.
  • Avoid animal touching- during the time when the disease is growing, ensure that no contact with the animals take place.

Protecting from coronaviruses when travelling

Since coronavirus in China is growing as evidenced by the increasing death rate in the country, it is advised not to visit the country. For the residents in China as well as others from outside country, the US state department gives level 3 warning as per which travelling must be stopped completely. In case of emergency visiting, it is better to have mask worn around the face, avoiding having touches with anyone especially the handshakes with the victims.

  • In case if you are in China (the affected area now), make sure that you do not eat any raw food or undercooked animal products. In addition, also stay careful about handling the dairy products.
  • In case if you are back from China (the affected area now), ensure you stay indoor for up to 14 days. This simply means avoiding going for work, school or visiting any other public areas.
  • In case if you are back from any other area that is not infected, ensure that you stay in until or unless your doctor advices you.

The businesses and countries seems to take drastic actions with the rise in the coronaviruses. Where on one hand airline from British to African carriers have stopped flights from China, the European and Asian nations are ensuring asking their citizens from avoiding themselves from the country.

“Due to the growing disease, Russia will be closing down its border with China”

It is a hope that the advancement in the medical technology will soon come up with the available vaccination.