Belly fat in accordance to science terminology is known as visceral fat that causes inconvenience or annoyance to one. Hence, are harmful to the body. It is a misrepresentation that ultimately makes your cloth feel tight. If you are among the ones not concerned about your belly fat, keep in your mind the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease are attached no matter how slim or fat your body is.

As per my observation, one of most popular questions people ask is about “how to lose belly fat fast?” Sometimes doing sit-ups, utilizing fat burners and cutting out calories aren’t enough for you to lose belly fat, but sometimes it does works. It is solely dependent upon the body structure you carry. In case you have consumed variety of weight loss supplements and failed to lose your belly fat, you’re on the wrong track and should immediately stop.

Below are some of the quick, effective and natural ways to lose belly fat fast;

  • Consume a lot of fiber

Consumption of soluble fiber absorbs the water from your body, thereby forming a gel that assist in slowing down the food passing process through the digestive system. Eating high-fiber foods regularly can help you burn belly fats. It also promotes weight loss by making a person feel full that makes one eat less naturally.

According to the research, consumption of soluble fiber regularly decreases belly fat gain by 3.7% if the intake is more than 10 gram.

Sources of high-fiber foods;

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Legumes
  • Blackberries
  • Flaxeeds
  • Avocados
  • Eat healthy food

They says “abs are built in the kitchen”. Healthy eating habit can assist you in staying healthy and help maintain a perfect body shape. In order to lose belly fat fast, avoid consumption of junk food as well as processed food.

Healthy eating habits include consumption of;

  • Protein- fish, eggs, meat, cottage cheese, etc.
  • Fats- real butter, nuts, olive oil, flax seeds, etc.
  • Veggies- salad, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, etc.
  • Carbs- oats, rice, whole grain pasta, etc.
  • Fruits- Orange, apple, pears, banana, etc.

“Believe in yourself since your imperfection is the only perfection”

  • Try reducing your stress level

During stress, there is a higher risk of gaining belly fat as the level of your stress may trigger the stress hormones which is the adrenal gland to produce cortisol. According to the study, high level of cortisol increases the appetite that then directs the storage of abdominal fat. Practicing yoga and other similar pleasurable activities can assist in reducing stress that then reduces the belly fat.

  • Say “NO” to crunches and “HEY” to aerobics

Belly fats that covers your abs won’t be burnt via crunches since doing crunches strengthens the stomach muscles and may cause lower back pain. So instead of wasting your efforts on regular crunches, start with healthy aerobics as it not only improves health, but burn calories. With aerobics, exercising is much important than your intensity of doing it. Either your intensity is medium or high, aerobic exercise is on the whole beneficial.

According to the latest study, aerobic exercise for 300 min/week helped the postmenopausal woman lost all the unwanted fats from the body.

  • Say “NO” to sugar-sweetened beverages

Loaded with liquid tructose, sugar-sweetened beverages quickly gains harmful belly fats. The consumption of these beverages are worse than high-sugar foods since the human brain doesn’t process the liquid calories like the solid ones.

According to latest research, consumption of sugary drinks may lead to increased fat in the liver.

In order to lose belly fat fast, avoid sodas and sweet teas and of course the alcoholic mixers that contains sugar.

  • Consume green tea regularly

Green tea is considered as one of the healthy beverages that promotes weight loss, thereby boosting the metabolism by containing caffeine and antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate.

  • Try out intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has been gaining popularity when it comes to losing weight fast. This fasting relates to the eating pattern that revolves between the period of eating and period of fasting. In order try out intermittent fasting, there are two key methods where one includes a 24-hours fast once in a week or 16 hours fast regularly.

Study shows that majority of people who tried intermittent fasting lost minimum 4% of abdominal fat within a period of 6 to 24 weeks.

  • Bring improvement to your sleeping habit

In order to maintain a healthy body, it is crucial to take plenty of sleep that further promotes weight loss. Now what do you consider perfect sleep? It is basically 8-9 hours of restful sleep.

According to the study, those who sleep less than 5 hours at night are prone to gain weight significantly.

For the purpose of losing belly fat fast, start with some natural tips and maintain patience for good results. Stay positive and let not the stress increase your belly fat. Want to share any other natural tip with us? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!