Undoubtedly, face is one of the major elements of the body that strikes the mind when we recall a person. It is said that girls are more conscious since all their appearance is based on the face and a majority today judges from the face. Are you among one of those who crave for a chiseled jawline, high cheekbones and sharp edges? If so, you have now reached the right spot.

According to the latest research, there are two types of faces that we think contains fat, but there is a vast difference between a healthy face and a face that carries heaps of fat.

Which one is yours????

If you are thinking that the chubby cheeks on your face are fats, then you really need to find out if you actually want to get rid of face fat. Let’s first help you in finding out the difference.

The heaps of fat on the face are usually near the cheeks in three fat zones, one being on the side of the nose (at nasolabial compartment), the second and the third on the cheekbones that makes you lose the key features of your face. So, if you are to dispose of the extra dirty flesh from your face, trust me it’s now the time that you should get serious and go on with some simple and effective ways to get rid of face fat.

Here’s how to do???

  • Lifting of chin

Chin lift/chin raise or lifting of chin exercise is one of the proven exercises to get rid of double chin. While doing this exercise, it works by stretching the facial muscles that includes throat, neck and jaw (none other). The exercise could be performed either in the sitting or standing position with straight posture.

*How to do? Start the exercise by lifting up your face towards the ceiling and start kissing it. Ensure that you hold the position for up to 10 seconds and then relax. (repeat it at least 10 times in one go, relaxing after every 10 second of hold).

  • Jaw release

Jaw release exercise is though a simple one, but effective if you are looking forward to get sexier jaw line and appealing high cheekbones. It also reduces the double chin by stretching and dealing the muscles in the surrounding of your jaws, cheeks and lips.

*How to do? Start the exercise in any position, either standing or sitting with a straight posture and make movement to your jawline as if you are chewing a gum with closed lips. Now, let your mouth open wide (tongue pressed within bottom teeth) and hold this position for maximum 5 second, leave and relax. (repeat the process for 10 times at least).

  • Smile

Never underestimate the power of your smile as it is one of the best exercises for trimming down the cheek fats. It works in a way that the muscles of the cheeks are stretched with the smile that helps in getting rid of face fats.

  • Fish face

Fish face exercise is one of the common exercises a majority do either out of fun or as a workout to get rid of face fats. This facial exercise for cheeks can be done in any position while doing anything such as listening songs, driving, etc. It works in a way that it assist in toning up the cheek muscles and losing the face fats earlier than the expected time period.

*How to do? Suck in both your cheeks and lips and try to smile. Hold the position for at least 5 seconds and burn the fats from your jaws and cheeks. (Repeat this exercise 10 times in one go).

  • Close your eyes tightly

Closing your eyes firmly is a simple yet effective technique to get rid of face fats. The exercise includes simply closing your eyes with the help of your cheek muscles and stay in the position for maximum 10 seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise at least 5 times in a day.    

Besides all the above discussed exercises you might have chosen for toning up and sculpting your facial muscles and relieving your double chin, it is also suggested to go for some regular activities such as chewing gum or blowing up balloons as these can assist you in grabbing a perfect jawline. In addition, also plan a perfect diet plan that contains less calories. A perfect diet plan not only helps you lose face fat, but unwanted fats from the entire body.     

Found it useful? Feel free to share your views in the comment box below!