Acne’s normally becomes our best friend when we are to leave for a grand event the very next day. Is that fair? A big No..! They says there is an age when breakouts become a part of our life. Undoubtedly, it is true for some! As a girl, though you can easily hide acne’s with makeup products, but have you ever thought about how damaging this could be.

Acne’s are considered as one of the most stressful things to deal with early morning. Since I believe that attractive appearance does not only comes with good clothes, but a clear acne-free skin, I cannot even imagine leaving my room with a single acne on my face. There are hundreds of people out there like me so below are my favorite 8 tips on keeping your skin acne-free.

Note; Be patient when you are actually ready to opt my ways to get rid of pimples.

  • Clean face is a healthy face

Acne on your face may appear due to a large number of reasons where one of the unavoidable ones is the dust and pollution. In order to prevent acne from taking place, one of the major tips you are suggested to follow is to make cleansing a necessary part of your skin care routine. No matter if your skin is not sensitive enough to be damaged by dust and pollution, keeping cleaning of your face a part of your regular activity is a healthy skin tip.

  • Diet control

Whatever you eat leaves an impact on your face. It is pretty true that the diet plays a vital role on the glow you carry on your face. According to the latest research, eating more sugar leads to acne and similar is the case with some of the dairy products. Avoid consuming things that are too much sugary.

  • Drink a lot of water

The benefits of water may amaze you. Where on one hand, it promotes weight loss, on the other it helps in gaining back the glow on the skin- i.e. a healthy and glowing acne-free skin. Consumption of fruits and veggies with high-content of water can play an influential role on keeping your skin acne-free.

*Note that soda should not be a part of your life completely.

  • Honey mask

Honey has been considered as a natural antiseptic that softens the skin and heals it. The antioxidant properties of honey reduces inflammation over the skin, making the skin acne-free. *how to do? Apply raw honey all over your face. Let it stay for at least 15 minutes. Wash away with lukewarm water.

  • Application of lemons

In order to get rid of pimples, lemon has also been known as one of the very effective natural treatment. The antioxidant and anti-fungal properties in lemon not only helps in making skin acne-free, but reduces the oil, redness, kills bacteria and give an end to the stubborn acne scars.  

*how to do? For quick results, squeeze lemon in a bowl, dip cotton ball and apply all over your face.

  • Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is popularly-known for its astringent, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. The gel out of aloe vera can be utilized in different forms such as a face mask, moisturizer, shaving oil or can be a part of your regular diet.  When it comes to dealing with acne, aloe vera gel works wonder. Not only it removes excess oil from the skin, it also heals the damaged skin earlier than the expected time and stimulates the growth of cell.

  • Stay stress-free

One of the major reasons behind acne on your face is the stress you carry in your mind. This statement might amaze you, but it is actually true. When the stress hormones in the body are produced, it causes pimples as the body directs the blood and oxygen, leaving behind the skin dehydrated. Hence, the only solution to reduce pimple on your face is to reduce the stress from your mind. 

  • Exercise regularly

Remember that when you exercise, it is not just for your body, it is also for your skin. Exercising regularly promotes blood circulation all over the body that hydrates the skin and helps in keeping it appear fresh and glowing.

*Note that rubbing your skin while exercising may cause irritation. Bathing right after exercise is a necessity.

They says application of toothpaste deals with the pimple overnight. But, it leaves acne scar as a result of which I do not recommend this home remedy. Want to share how you keep your skin acne-free? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!